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Thought Leadership Insights For a Prosperous 21st Century


EcoSystem not EgoSystem - Act Global and Grow Local
21st Century Organizing Paradigms


Helping Hands vs Hand Outs - A 21st Century Acceleration Paradigm

Government Income Grows Best By National Economic Growth NOT By National Taxation Growth...

Business Income Grows Best By Business Investment Accelerated By Government Helping Hands NOT Government Handouts...

Individual Income Grows Best By Individual Labor & Investment Accelerated By Government Helping Hands NOT Government Handouts...

Are You Offering a Helping Hand or a Hand Out? Are You Accepting a Helping Hand or a Hand Out?


State Capitalism vs Private Capitalism vs Personal Capitalism

A 21st Century Global Path To Prosperity Dilemma

Public Private Partnerships vs Private Public Partnerships vs Personal Crowd Partnerships

What is the most Effective & Efficient Government in Each Case?


Global Sustainability - A 21st Century Globa Dilemma
Rich Countries Cause The Most Global Wamring - Poor Countries Suffer The Most From Global Warming
Everyone's Impacted By Global Warming's Extreme & Irregular Weather

America’s Class Structure - A 21st Century National Dilemma

95% of Americans focus on Keeping Their Jobs, Getting Raises, Saving for Retirement with Little Investment In Wealth Creation

5% of Americans focus on Keeping Their Jobs, Getting Raises,Saving for Retirement with Some Investment In Equity Classes for Wealth Creation

1% of Americans Focus on Living On Capital Gains, Creating New Equity Class Entities and Accelerating them for Wealth Creation

Remember 5% or Less of Americans own 95% or More of America's Wealth

Amercia Is Best When All Americans Invest
Ask Not What Your Government Can Do For You - Ask What You Can Do Working With Your Government.
G Stearns - Reinterpreted In Memory of JFK

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Vision Commitment Leadership - Peace & Prosperity for Everyone - Restoring the American Dream

A FREE Press = A FREE Country Simply Ask Our Founding Fathers Washington Adams Franklin Hancock Jefferson Hamilton  Etc... 

A FREE Citizen = A FREE Country Simply Privacy in Home Assembly Books Mail Phones Travel Internet BioMetrics Etc....

A FREE Internet = A FREE Country Simply Ask Google Apple Facebook Microsoft Yahoo AOL Etc...